Big Blue Sky Haiku and Reflections

Painted Turtle Press ❖ 2020, ISBN: 978-0-9693564-6-2, soft cover, 50 pp. $12.50

Book Cover - Big Blue Sky

Immerse yourself in this one of a kind collection of Joanne’s haiku, paired with a brief reflection for each poem. The reflections and the author’s note include writing tips. There’s also a foreword by haiku poet Nika and an afterword by haiku poet Pat Benedict Campbell. Contact Joanne to purchase a copy.

” … a gift for the reader.” Maxianne Berger, Author of Winnows

“… For beginners and seasoned poets alike!” Angela Leuck Author of More Grows in a Crooked Row

“The Big Blue Sky haiku are more than just single events but rather glimpses into much larger stories that engage heart and soul as well as mind.” Nika, haiku poet

“This is a collection you will not want to be without.” Pat Benedict Campbell, Author of the alchemy of tea

big blue sky
today's to-do list
is set aside

Like Ocean Waves Tanka Poems

Morcom Enterprises Inc. ❖ 2017, ISBN: 978-0-969-3564-4-8, soft cover, 95 pp. $10.00

Book Cover - Like Ocean Waves

Here you’ll find a collection of Joanne’s tanka, which are grouped into seven different themes. Also included is an afterword by Kozue Uzawa, PH. D. editor of GUSTS: Contemporary Tanka. Contact Joanne to purchase a copy.

“Thank you Joanne! You added this exquisite book to the growing English tanka world.” Kozue Uzawa

“Morcom’s poems show a fine craftsmanship.” from Edward J. Rielly’s book review in GUSTS no. 28 Contemporary Tanka

like ocean waves
that take their time
to reach the shore
I'm in no hurry
to go anywhere

Last Year’s Leaves Haiku and Senryu

Morcom Enterprises Inc. ❖ 2016, ISBN: 978-0-9693564-3-1, soft cover, 42 pp. Price: $5.00

Book Cover - Last Year's Leaves

Journey with Joanne through all four seasons in her collection of small poems about Mother Nature and human nature. Contact Joanne to purchase a copy.

“This slim chapbook of forty-two poems is a gem.” from Pat Benedict Campbell’s book review in Haiku Canada Review Volume 11, October 2017, Number 2

into the storm drain
last year's leaves

about the blue moon haiku, senryu and tanka

Inkling Press ❖ 2009, ISBN: 978-0-9810725-1-7, soft cover, 90 pages, $10.00

Book Cover - About the Blue Moon

This is a collection of Joanne’s insightful short form poetry, with an afterword by Kozue Uzawa, PH.D, editor of GUSTS: Contemporary Tanka . Contact Joanne to purchase a copy.

“Particularly I like [Joanne’s] concise, plain and humorous tanka. [Her] haiku sound like Japanese haiku – short and concise, yet so vivid.” Kozue Uzawa

if you’d been here
you’d have reminded me
about the blue moon
on my own
I forget to look

A Nameless Place

Sam’s Dot Publishing ❖ 2006, soft cover, 20 pp. $2.00

Book Cover - A Nameless Place

Here’s a unique chapbook of scifaiku, haiku with a science fiction theme. Contact Joanne to purchase a copy.

“A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.” Franz Kafka

in a nameless place
the sky is wrong

…Other Books

Joanne’s poetry also appears in two anthologies published by The Magpie Haiku & Tanka Poets. The titles are A Piece of Egg Shell ($10.00) and Weathered Wings ($10.00). Again, get in touch with Joanne for purchasing.

The following tanka and haiku appear in A Piece of Egg Shell and Weathered Wings, respectively:

crash, bang, boom
goes the midnight thunder
I snuggle closer to you
and then remember
you don't live here anymore

dying wind
hum of insects
on the battle field